13 things that Samsung forgot to tell us about their new Galaxy S10

Samsung did not fit all in an hour and a half. It was impossible, of course: the avalanche of news that we presented yesterday with the Galaxy S10 made that the people in charge of the firm had to focus on some key sections of their new releases, but … what did not Samsung have?

Well, a few things: features and functions that (fortunately) remain and others that apparently no longer have much relevance and that surprised us by how the market is moving. Attentive, what Samsung did not say can matter as much (or more) than what he said about his new devices.

We must clarify, though, that this list does not suggest that these options are not: simply Samsung did not have time to comment in detail , and that is why we wanted to collect some of those details that will be part of this new family.

Invisible design

In previous years talk about the design, manufacture and materials of these terminals used to be one of the highlights of the presentation, but Samsung just spoke of this section. We saw those designs and those new colors (careful that some very bright pink and yellow arrive to this catalog), but there was not much information about those design decisions.

It is true that they did it indirectly when talking about those Infinity-O screens with holes for the front cameras, but they did not give importance to really remarkable elements.

In fact these Galaxy S10 are more compact and lighter than their predecessors , but still surprisingly they are able to offer more battery. What is the trick here? We do not know, but we love it, especially with models like the S10e that redefine the compact mobile category. : view Samsung accessories here

One UI is an enviable personalization layer

The new devices arrive with Android 9 Pie , but in terms of software there was hardly mention of the changes we can expect in the new Galaxy S10.

In fact there is a particularly noteworthy section: the arrival of One UI , the new layer of customization that we met a few months ago and now finally reaches these terminals.

We could already test this interface in the Galaxy Note 9 and our impressions were very positive: the dark mode is of course great for the AMOLED screens of the Samsung S10, but the behavior of some adjustments that makes everything “achievable with a thumb hit” It is another of the changes that we believe will be very welcome by users. view Galaxy S10 accessories and cases by clicking here

Where are the news in the cameras?

If there is something we missed in that presentation and the new Galaxy S10 was more news in relation to their cameras. We keep the two sensors of the S9, and they are now added a wide angle to give more versatility to the camera, but … is that all?

That is a question that we will have to answer in the tests, but Samsung did not talk too much about the potential of these cameras. There were hardly any comments about its new stabilized mode of video recording, but for example we missed details about its night shooting mode and other improvements to that processing that is becoming key to offer a reference mobile camera.

With so much screen the gestures have more sense than ever

The interface of gestures has conquered users of the iPhone X and its successors, but it seems that Android manufacturers are too hurry to adopt this use mechanism.

We saw it with some Galaxy S10 that take advantage of the frontal of exceptional form (they go around 93%) but that curiously they continue depending on the virtual buttons like form by defect to control the interface.

It is true that Android 9 Pie and Samsung offer alternative control by gestures and that the thing will go to more in Android 10, but even here we were expecting perhaps some announcement from Samsung to take advantage of this capacity.

Cameras with an SDK for everything and everyone

One of the news that did not come to light in the photographic field was the availability of a new SDK that gives access to the camera to all developers without restrictions .

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