Samsung A series phones in Australia A20, A30, A50 and A70

Samsung is still the world leader in the smartphone market. In India, however, its Chinese competitor, Xiaomi , has outperformed in terms of sales. As a result, Samsung has devised a new strategy to cover each price point. Your Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy Review A20

A20 shares its central design with the M20. It looks good, but nowhere is the price of Xiaomi and Realme phones so exciting . The body is made entirely of plastic. The construction is sturdy, but a metal frame would have been even better for structural integrity.

As expected from Samsung, the construction accuracy is good. However, there are some points, such as the USB port and the loudspeaker grille, that seem a little careless. In addition, the volume control has inconsistent tactile feedback. click here to see A20 cases and accessories

Foot. I like the new look, but I wonder why Samsung has decided to go with very large icons. Fortunately, you can fix that by changing the grid pattern. The best addition is the dark theme, which looks perfect on the OLED screen.

The blue in our review unit looks subtle, except for its reflective nature. The phone has a built-in fingerprint sensor. The rear camera, however, protrudes slightly. Moving to the front, you get a slim bevel design. It has a notch of water drop, which is small. For an economical phone, the chin area is also compact.

Samsung Galaxy A30 review

As soon as I had the Galaxy A30 in my hand, it made a positive impression with its design and build quality. In fact, I think it’s a factor that has an advantage over the competition. to view A30 cases and accessories click this link

It is thin and feels literally light as a feather. the same design spirit as his brother, the Galaxy A50 (revision). ‘3D Glasstic’: that’s what Samsung calls its glass finish, and even when the material used is polycarbonate, the phone feels really premium.

Many users can place it under the real glass in Redmi Note
7 Pro, but if you trust us, the combination of glossy finish with a gradient really works and the A30 feels more ergonomic and comfortable in the hands.

In terms of design, the only thing that differentiates the A30 from the A50 is the placement of a fingerprint sensor. While the A50 gets one on the screen, the A30 conforms to the old physical fingerprint sensor, but it’s set a little too high, especially if you have small hands.

Taking into account everything, the Galaxy A30 is undoubtedly one of the most attractive devices in its price segment (if not the best).

Samsung Galaxy A50 review

With the Galaxy A50, Samsung is launching its best mid-range phone offering excellent value for money. You can read why we found this in our device review. We release the most important conclusions directly in the group: view A50 accessories

All this makes the Galaxy A50 Samsung the best “central engine” in history, mainly because the price is quite friendly. Now you can find it for less than the suggested retail price of 349. You want all ins and outs to know Read the extensive review of Galaxy A50 below.

While Samsung is known for its expensive models (top), in the past were also the mid-range devices of which many went out of the bar. When Samsung launched the Galaxy A8 at the beginning of last year, the company still seemed to have a clear premium price with its series A. At the launch of the A6, A6 Plus, A7 and A9, however, there was not much more to discover. So it’s time to fix things in 2019, with the Galaxy A50 as the standard carrier for now.

Design and screen

The design of the Galaxy A50 does one thing that Samsung did not want for a long time: the front camera is in a notch. The 6.4-inch screen occupies a large part of the front, much more than the phones of the A-series last year.

As far as we are concerned, it’s a good decision, because the Samsung screens are simply impressive, even on the A50. Compared to the Galaxy S10, the edge below the screen is somewhat wider. As a result, the screen-body ratio is never as high as in that top model, but the A50 also costs less than half. Funny advantage of the widest bottom edge: if you choose to hide the notch, the edges of the screen are symmetrical again.

Turn the device and look at the back that is not made of glass, but plastic. Samsung calls this “3D Glasstic”, a strange name for a material that recalls the almost psychedelic colors of the A7, but more beautiful. The back does not feel cheap, and the device feels very good in the hand. That’s a great hand, because the A50 is not a small phone. Those looking for a compact mid-range Galaxy will have to wait a bit for the Galaxy A20e, but the Galaxy A40 is also a bit smaller.

The Galaxy A50 does not have IP rating. Although it does not break immediately if it keeps it in the rain, the device simply is not water resistant. In 2017 all Galaxy A phones were, but in 2018 only the Galaxy A8. It is not clear to us immediately why Samsung does not find this important feature for mid-range phones in 2019. We think it’s a shame, it’s such a small but fine detail that it would complete it. But no, then.

Samsung Galaxy Review A70

A70 has a sober design. It’s not surprising, but it grows in you soon enough. Instead of following the current trend of gradients, Samsung has opted for more subtle blue, black and white colors. However, it reveals its elegant colorful side when it is hit by light. As the light falls on it, the phone creates a pearlescent effect. With enough reflective light, our white review unit fills with rainbows. click to see more on A70 cases and chargers

Due to its reflective and transmissive properties, you may think that the phone has a glass backing. But, it’s plastic or “glasstic” as Samsung likes to refer to it. Since it looks exactly like glass and is more resistant, I’m not going to give up on it. The back attracts many spots, but I do not think it’s a major problem. What worries me is the amount of micro scratches in our review unit after a couple of weeks.

The phone has not been flexed in its construction. It obtains structural rigidity due to its metallic structure. Samsung has also worked on fine details. For example, the slightly curved metal frame connects perfectly to the plastic body. The sharp edges on the back make the phone feel thinner than it really is. Moving forward, the phone has a design of incredibly thin bevels that include the chin.

S10 +. With the resolution of 2400 x 1080, you get a pixel density of around 390 dpi. That is more than enough to offer clear images. More importantly, the OLED panel offers vibrant colors and deep blacks. That’s because, unlike LCD screens, OLED panels are self-illuminated and do not require backlighting. The screen of the A70 is also quite bright. Even in direct sunlight, the screen maintains its readability.

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