Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus review

THE GALAXY S10 + It is possibly the most important smartphone of Samsung to date.

As the standout of the Galaxy’s line 10 of the firm, Samsung undoubtedly hopes that the device, with its large size of perforations, triple cameras and fingerprint scanner on the screen, will help it to fight against the increasing competition of the manufacturers Chinese like Huawei, which is starting to bite Samsung’s share in the market that was once dominant. As we rush to decipher after an early caress with the Galaxy S10 +, it is without a doubt a gorgeous looking handset.

Fortunately for Samsung, it has succeeded. The Galaxy S10 + is not just the most important smartphone yet; It is also the best.

Design and visualization

As we rush to decipher after an early caress with the Galaxy S10 +, it is without a doubt a gorgeous looking handset.

Thanks to its Infinity-O screen and its fingerprint sensor under the screen, the OLED panel of the 6.4-inch headset stretches and curves around the front of the device; it is surprising to see it, and the screen-body ratio of 93.1 percent that dodges the phone’s bezel puts to shame most Android ships with notches.

Samsung is not the first to market this screen cut in a “drill hole” [Honors View 20 takes that crown], but it is the first to do it in an OLED panel. While we discovered that the so-called “holepunch” often attracted our attention without knowing it during our first days with the S10 +, we soon forgot that it was there; If only we could say the same about the notch on our iPhone X.

However, we would gladly take Face ID on the Samsung fingerprint scanner. The ultrasonic sensor is supposedly reliable and more difficult to falsify than the 2D sensors found in models like the OnePlus 6T, but it is not as convenient. While the target area of ​​your finger lights up on the latest OnePlus flagship, the Galaxy S10 + does not offer such assistance, which means that it often took a bit of awkwardness [and oath] before we could unlock the device.

It is worth noting that the sensor is also not compatible with most screen protectors, although Samsung does include a compatible one in the box.

Apart from the fingerprint scanner, the screen is among the best we’ve tested. The Galaxy S10 + makes use of Samsung’s new “dynamic OLED” screen technology, which offers bold colors, deep blacks and insane levels of brightness; The S10 + can increase its brightness up to 1,200 nits with dazzling sunlight.

The screen offers a QHD + resolution, but is set for Full HD + resolution, for reasons of energy savings. We never found the need to increase the resolution, but there is the option to watch movies in 4K or put the smartphone in a VR headset.

On the back of the device, you will find the tried and tested Samsung glass panel accented by aluminum edges. The design, although nothing new, feels as luxurious as it did with the Galaxy S9 last year, and we are fans of new pearly color options; We tried the Pearl White model, which seems to change from white to blue depending on how you hold the device.

The samsung Galaxy S10 has a USB-C port on the bottom and, surprisingly, a 3.5mm headphone jack to facilitate the included AKG headphones. The IP68 certification is also offered, which means that the S10 + will withstand water to a depth of 1.5 m for up to 30 minutes. Fortunately, we have not put this to the test.

Performance and software

Here at Blighty, the Galaxy S10 + buys with an Exynos 9820 8 nm chip, instead of the Snapdragon 855 that is offered to US buyers. While some benchmarks have shown that homegrown Samsung chips are struggling to match the best Qualcomm results, we did not notice any problems. Daily use feels soft and sensitive, and the phone showed no signs of stuttering during the game, even after prolonged periods.

When compared to GeekBench, our review model, which includes 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, obtained a single-core score of 44.84 and a multi-core score of 10,478. As expected, that puts its performance above the OnePlus 6T and S9 + last year, slightly better than the Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro and below that of Apple 

The flagship of the iPhone XS.

In terms of software, the S10 series is Samsung’s first to launch its One UI, which is based on Google’s Android Pie operating system. While you’ll still find the same excess of pre-installed and duplicate applications when you turn on the device for the first time, it soon becomes clear that Samsung has managed to reduce and refine your Android experience.

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