Samsung Galaxy Fold hardware review details revealed

When problems with the Galaxy
Fold show up for the first time, it was clear that, according to the company’s statement, a serious revision of the hardware would be required. Thanks to a Yonhap News report (via SamMobile ), we have some details about what the review will include.

Obviously, these improvements are all focused on the screen. First of all, Samsung has apparently made the problematic screen saver not removable. Some of the problems of the reviewers were derived from removing the plastic cover on the FoldLa screen, specifically because it looks easily removable. click this link

It is not clear exactly how Samsung plans to make this coverage non-removable, but we can only hope it works and also prevents Samsung from having to include a warning regarding coverage.

In addition, Samsung is apparently also calling attention with the Galaxy
Fold Hardware Review to the gap between the screen and the hinge. As one source pointed out, a hollow in the Galaxy
Fold hinge could have been the reason why the debris could be under the fragile OLED panel.

Samsung’s approach to folding phones makes a lot of sense. Instead of having a screen that folds out and is constantly exposed to the elements, it folds up like a book. When closed, it is really narrow, easy to hold and use in one hand and easy to store in a pocket. It is quite thick when closed, essentially the same as two regular smartphones
stacked on top of each other, but the narrowness certainly makes it easy to perform quick actions on the external screen.

A large part of Samsung’s design efforts were spent on the gears and internal mechanisms that allow the hinge to open and close. With the phone closed, it locks in place, but the internal gears allow a very smooth and easy opening and closing action. Once opened, it becomes blocked again. Obviously, it does not feel as solid as a rigid smartphone that does not open or close, but it stays pretty good and is easy to close again. Or at least, that’s our initial impression of the phone. click here to see

Despite its innovative form factor, it still has the usual set of ports and buttons, including the Type-C port in the middle of the bottom edge, and the other touches the main speaker. This speaker is mirrored by another on the top edge, to deliver true stereo sound, while the left and right edges contain the power button, fingerprint sensor, volume keys and the Bixby button.

To answer the question first on everyone’s lips: yes, there is a visible fold on the AMOLED main screen of 7.3 inches. But what happens with that fold is that in our hour or two with him, you did not notice at all when looking at him straight ahead. Surf the web, play games, watch videos and almost certainly you will not see it. You only really catch it when you look at it from an angle, or looking at a plain white screen.

The good thing about this internal panel is that, like the Galaxy
S10 and S10 +: it is compatible with HDR and HDR10 +, so the colors and the contrast ratios are fantastic. The content looks very good on him. Their size and shape may make it impractical for some forms of media; For example, videos have large bars in them. However, some games and applications, especially Instagram, look great on the large square panel.

With the proper means in it, the large panel looks incredibly well. And it’s a great canvas for multiple tasks (we’ll see later).

As for the secondary display on the front cover, it is not really designed to be used for everything, and it looks. It is really narrow and small at only 4.6 inches. The idea here is that you can do your quick interactions here: answer your calls, answer messages, take selfies and so on. Essentially, functions that do not require much time or attention.

You can register for the Galaxy Fold on Samsung’s website here

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