Samsung Galaxy S10e review

Over the last couple of years, Samsung has typically had two flagship S series smartphones
at launch – a regular version and a Plus version. This year, the company introduced a third variant called Galaxy S10e. Judging by the prices in the USA. UU., The Galaxy S10e seems to point directly to the iPhone XR (Review). In India, thanks to the local manufacturing of Samsung, we can get closer to the value of the dollar, while the iPhone XR is more expensive. Click To See

Samsung Galaxy S10e design

The Galaxy S10e is the smallest and lightest of the three new Galaxy S10 models with 150 g. It is 0.1 mm thicker than the others, which is practically impossible to say, even when placed next to the other two. What we really love is the size of this phone. It feels incredibly comfortable to hold and the rounded edges are not abrasive on the skin. The aluminum and glass back is a bit slippery when used with one hand, and this phone easily attracts fingerprints.

Although it feels sturdy, the aluminum frame will pick up permanent marks if you drop this phone. For example, we bent down to take some pictures of a flower at a given moment, and the phone slipped from our hands, from a height lower than the waist and fell on a tile floor. The glass remained intact, but the upper part of the frame suffered the worst part of the impact, leaving a permanent mark.

The Samsung Galaxy S10e has Gorilla Glass 5 in the front and back

The Galaxy S10e has a Bixby button just like its siblings, which can be programmed to activate other functions as well. You can configure double-click or single-click actions to start an application or activate a Bixby routine, but launching the Bixby assistant has to be one of the other options.

Unlike ultrasonic fingerprint sensors in the more premium Galaxy S10 models, the Galaxy S10e has a standard capacitive built-in right-hand power button. It is very sensitive, and even a quick touch is enough to unlock the phone. You can also enable gestures to facilitate access to the notification shadow. While it works well, we believe that the location of the power button is a little too high and we find that it is a bit difficult to reach when the phone is held normally. Click Here To Visit

The Samsung Galaxy S10e has an AMOLED full-HD + 5.8-inch dynamic screen. The resolution is lower than that of the Galaxy S10 and the Galaxy S10 + (Review) but you still get a fairly dense pixel count of 438ppi. Fortunately, Samsung has not removed the HDR 10+ certification for the screen, so you can still enjoy high-dynamic-range colors in compatible videos. The default color profile can make the colors look a bit too saturated, but you can change to the “Natural” color profile if you prefer.

One of the big design differences with the Galaxy S10e is the lack of curved screen edges on the left and right side. Instead, the screen is flat. Another small difference is that the Galaxy S10e has slightly thicker bevels on the sides and on the top compared to the other two, although this did not bother us.

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