Samsung Galaxy Note 10 power, design and a more capable S-Pen

Another year and another Galaxy Note more or, rather, two. Samsung has presented its new Note 10 and Note 10+ , proposals that are better in everything and identical in the idea that has always defined the Note family. We have been able to prove them, and this is what you should know.

The new Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ share some specifications, such as at the processor or connectivity level. While it differs in aspects such as RAM or battery. But in essence they are the same product, one that bets on being one of the best or the best high-end of 2019. Reasons to achieve it have, although it will have to be thoroughly tested before. Meanwhile, our first impressions after the contact we had.

Tuning a design that was already good
The design of the Galaxy Note 10 is the first thing that will get your attention. It is as it was rumored so there is no surprise, but it is frankly attractive and the leaks are forgiven. The work that Samsung has done reducing both the top and bottom and side frames is outstanding.

That results in two products that despite their dimensions feel very good in hand. The Note 10 being more compact is more comfortable, but as a good Note, the 10+ is not only bigger but more interesting for its use with the S Pen . But hey, it’s a matter of taste, so everyone chooses the one they like best.

The problem is, again, building materials. And we do not say it because of the prints, which catches them that it gives pleasure, but because the glass allows very elegant devices but sacrificing resistance . Therefore, although having glass in front and behind is something that Samsung does and the vast majority of high-end manufacturers, the idea that it can be damaged with a simple blow or fall does not take away from anyone.

This implies that, in the end, you will end up placing a housing with almost total security. It is not a bad solution, but it is annoying to know that you cannot enjoy its design because it is more protected. But well, the important thing is that then, once all this happens, the device lets you see the high level that Samsung is right now.

Physically it is a product that rubs the protrusion . The curvature of the screen may not like you for that effect that it generates on the sides, but when you see the feeling of the whole screen and how you get into the images you enjoy it a lot.

For the rest, at the physical level, the fact that Samsung has decided to eliminate the 3.5mm headphone jack stands out . Yes, that according to the manufacturer gave personality and that in the high range well … nothing, they have loaded the same. Something that is not the first time they do, we have already seen how in other ranges they have eliminated it, but it is curious to see how you can not attack other manufacturers on issues like that.

In the end, the use of wireless headphones or USB C to Jack adapters (which are not a drama to use) condition and if you can remove it to offer something extra why not do it. Samsung has done it, many would have preferred to keep it, but as we say it is not a great drama either.

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